Secure platform where students can choose from more than 1000 subjects to take private lessons from the comfort of their own home or online. Fast growing start-up nowcplaced in 38 countries around the world. As opposed to the usual systems where the tutor pays a commission, here the student pays a subscription enabling them to contact tutors over a period of 30 days. Superprof takes care of placing the two parties in contact, ensuring security and trust.

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Site :. https://www.superprof.ca/

Courriel :. Jocelyn@superprof.com

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Jocelyn Wensjoe

SEO Manager North America

Courriel :. jocelyn@superprof.com

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Superprof Tutoring Services

Superprof Tutoring Services

Tutoring platform that connects students and teachers to provide the utmost trust and quality in education. We offer students to choose classes in person or online with tutors from around the world or locally around their area through geolocation.